Goals of Therapy

The main goal of therapy is to allow healing to take place, helping you to become “unstuck” and well as providing a way for you to move on with your life.

In many cases, guilt, shame, illness or other hurts may be the cause for you seeking help. Together we will attempt to remove those stumbling blocks, thereby allowing growth and healing to occur.

I firmly believe that happiness and healing come only from God and I would invite him to every session.

What We Offer

Individual, couple and group therapy is offered. I have experience working with persons of all ages. I counsel couples experiencing marital problems, survivors of abuse, depressed persons and individuals wanting to make changes in their lives to allow them personal growth. Some of the issues we can help with may include:

  • depression
  • self esteem
  • grief and loss
  • coping with an illness
  • relationship issues
  • spiritual issues
  • surviving abuse
  • anger management
  • stress and anxiety


Couples Therapy

This therapy modality may include meeting with one or both of the participants to begin treatment. Sometimes it is helpful to meet individually at least one time to explore histories. We will look at what both participants hope to achieve through counseling. Many times communication …


Individual Therapy

We will start with discussing the issues that are bringing you to treatment. We will explore any pertinent history that may contribute to the presenting problem.Together we will then set up an individualized treatment plan. This may include frequency of appointments, issues to be addressed, treatment …